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Smart bite is a grab and go concept that allows you to eat healthy, wholesome, fresh food whilst at your office or on the go. We are passionate when it comes to food, and each item on our menu was created with the joy of eating and care for health that is essential for overall well-being.

Smart Bite brings you this product by using only fresh, natural, & wholesome ingredients; that are free of additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Our meals are lovingly handmade daily and served to you fresh for that day.

Smart Bite offers corporate packages, so whilst at work, if you are looking to have a healthy meals for you and your colleagues, contact us and we can arrange the rest.

At Smart Bite we are continuously working on new dishes to provide you with a variety of healthy, tasty & gourmet meals. With so many unhealthy options available it is not easy to eat in a healthy manner daily. All of our meals are made fresh daily for you and can be delivered right to your office.

If you would like a menu delivered to your office please give us a call on
04 3388763 and we will drop some menus off at your office so you can start enjoying our smart bite range.